Teaching to Big Ideas – Proportional Reasoning

Reflection Questions

How might using Big Ideas impact how I plan?

How might we as educators help students see things from a proportional reasoning perspective?

Do you have a full range of manipulatives appropriate to grade level curriculum in your classroom?

Do your students have access to these manipulatives for every math lesson?

How do these manipulatives facilitate optimal mathematics learning for your students?


Rather than writing a lengthy post here, I am sharing a newsletter (June 2014),  that I co-authored when I was the numeracy facilitator for ALCDSB.  I am not sure if any of the links within it still work, but the printed information is still current.

When you write something you get to choose the photos.  The cute little guy holding the hexagonal prism is my grandson when he was in junior kindergarten.

Within this newsletter you will see information along with the reflection questions under the following headings:

  • Teaching To Big Ideas From Dr. Marian Small
  • What is Proportional Reasoning and Why is it Important?
  • Effective Use of Manipulatives to Develop Proportional Reasoning
  • Sample Proportional Reasoning Tasks to Develop Proportional Reasoning

In the 21st Century Classroom June 2014

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